City Court Clerk

To collect City revenues generated by the Memphis Police Department through the issuance of traffic citations, traffic summons, and ordinance summons.

Goals and Objectives

Collect 100% of the traffic summons, citations and ordinance summons monies owed to City of Memphis, while still providing quality and efficient customer service to all citizens through a knowledgeable and trained workforce.

The City Court Clerk’s Office consists of the Traffic Violations Bureau and the City Courts, with four satellite offices located at the Old Allen, Raines ,Union, and Ridgeway Police Stations.

The City Court Clerk’s Office is responsible for the collection of all fines, costs, and fees assessed against tickets issued by City of Memphis Police officers and the disbursement of these payments to the proper accounts.

Kay S. Robilio biography
Kay S. Robilio 
City Court Clerk

201 Poplar LL-80
Memphis, TN
(901) 636-3400
Fax: (901) 636-3457
Copyright 2017 City of Memphis
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