Draft Bicycle Design Guide

This Draft of the “City of Memphis Bicycle Design Guide” is the culmination of two years of effort to establish a consistent and appropriate guidance for development of bicycle facilities in Memphis. In recent years bicycling has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as a recreational activity. Bicycling is part of an active, healthy lifestyle. The availability of bicycle facilities is considered by many as an amenity that enhances the quality of life in a community.

At the same time, planners have recognized the importance of a “multi-modal” approach to transportation issues. Bicycling is an important tool in addressing transportation issues. This fact is underscored by 2000 Census data that indicates approximately 11% of households in the region do not have access to motor vehicles.

The “Memphis Urban Area 2030 Long-Range Transportation Plan” was adopted by the Metropolitan Planning Organization in 2008. Recommendations for transportation improvements contained in the plan were screened through a “Congestion Management Process” (CMP). This process applied 8 strategies to prioritize the recommended transportation improvements which included improvements to “Bicycle and Pedestrian” facilities.

The administration is committed to greatly increasing the availability of bicycle facilities in Memphis. The “City of Memphis Bicycle Design Guide” sets forth a framework for accomplishing that goal. It compiles practices and standards from recognized authorities, peer cities and Federal guidance into a document which is easily understood and applicable to the City of Memphis.

The City is seeking public input on this draft document until December 31, 2009. Please submit any suggestions, comments or questions to:

Manny Belen, P.E.
Director, City Engineer

125 N. Main St. Room 644
Memphis, Tn 38103
(901) 636-6700
Fax: (901) 636-6960

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