Memphis/Shelby Achieves
Memphis/Shelby Achieves, one of twenty-three Tennessee counties participating in the statewide initiative Tennessee Achieves, is a last dollar scholarship and mentoring program designed to provide an opportunity for Tennessee public high school graduates to receive up to $3,000 annually for community college tuition with mentor support. The scholarship applies for two years or four consecutive semesters and the amount of money awarded is determined after all other sources of scholarships and financial aid have been granted. Kaci Murley heads the Memphis/Shelby branch of "tnachieve," which features three unique components:

  • Volunteers are donating funds to provide a college education for students who would otherwise lack the opportunity.
  • Volunteers serve as mentors to our students to eliminate the barriers associated with college access and success.
  • Our scholars volunteer their time and energy by giving back to the community eight hours of community service per semester they receive funding.

Since its inception in 2008, "tnAchieves" has given over 34,000 high schools students across Tennessee the opportunity to attend community college at no cost to them with mentor support, while the students in return have collectively logged 20,000 hours of community service. As a member of "tnAchieves", Memphis/Shelby Achieves is changing lives, changing communities. For more information, please visit:
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