Opportunity Challenge
Mayor A C Wharton Jr. in conjunction with CEOs For Cities hosted the Opportunity Challenge on February 16 - 18, 2011 at the Memphis BioWorks Foundation. National experts from the Gates Foundation, Kaplan, Center for Economic Opportunities, Rhode Island School of Design and local experts from Duncan Williams Inc., FedEx, Women's Foundation of Greater Memphis, Seed Hatchery, the University of Memphis and the Hyde Family Foundation developed strategies that focus on the development of all Memphis' talent and how we put that talent to work. In advance of the Opportunity Challenge a corresponding campaign entitled "Give a Minute" invited people to answer the question, "What skills would you love to develop professionally or put to use?" People are invited to go to www.giveaminute.info and submit their answers to the question or text their answers to 901-296-0123.

The Opportunity Challenge Overview
Opportunity Challenge Final Report (PDF)
Opportunity Challenge Memphis Flyer Article
CEOs For Cities
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