Post-Secondary Success City Action Network

An offshoot of the Mayors' Education Policy Advisors Network, the Postsecondary Success City Action Network is a collaboration of fifteen cities, including Memphis, aimed at "helping cities identify and share effective strategies for promoting postsecondary success." With support from the Lumina Foundation, the initiative plans to ultimately increase college matriculation and graduation rates. At P-SCAN meetings, the city of Memphis has been able to present their work through the PeopleFirst Partnership. In partnership with Memphis Fast Forward, the PeopleFirst Partnership looks to identify key goals and metrics for ensuring hat children enter kindergarten ready to learn, graduate from high school ready for college and earn postsecondary credentials that prepare them for local careers. Meetings, also, have allowed cities to hear how to improve recruitment and development of principals, effectively lead as a mayor the campaign for postsecondary success, use data efficiently, and engage the business community in efforts to promote postsecondary education.

For more information, please visit: Article - Cradle to Career Approaches to Helping Cities Strengthen Educational Pipeline

Memphis Fast Forward - People First

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