Overton Park Parking Implementation

On July 19, 2016, the Memphis City Council passed a resolution authorizing a new parking plan for Overton Park and the Memphis Zoo. In the interest of transparency, this will be a central page to accommodate documents and developments related to the plan’s implementation.

The Powers Hill Design (PHD) team was selected for the design of this project, and is committed to collecting public input and feedback as the design process progresses, incorporating public input into the design where possible. All citizen feedback submitted to zooparkinginfo@caissaps.com will be compiled and presented to the Advisory Team on a monthly basis. Results of feedback surveys will also be provided.

The Steering Committee formed by the City of Memphis has completed its oversight of the consultant team solicitation and selection process. All information compiled during this process is posted this project webpage.

A new Advisory Team will be formed, with input from the City, that will act as community liaison, sharing information on the design process and working with the PHD to ensure that the public feedback is included throughout.

This Advisory Team will include City administration representatives, project funders, community representatives and representatives of key anchors. The Advisory Team will be a recommending body to the Design Team and the City of Memphis.

Design process: PHD will conduct initial reconnaissance (survey, tree survey, geotech, etc.) of the project site. PHD will also schedule meetings with the donors to gather data necessary for development of the concept plans.

Once the necessary data is compiled, PHD will work to develop three (3) concept plans that will be presented at Advisory Team Meeting No. 1. Following that meeting, the concept plans will also be posted online for public review and feedback. All input should be submitted to zooparkinginfo@caissaps.com or via an online survey.

PHD will then incorporate feedback into the design concepts, where possible, and present the revised concepts at the Advisory Meeting No. 2. This meeting will yield the selection of one concept plan to be presented at Public Meeting No. 1. PHD will compile and incorporate input, where possible, and submit a final concept plan to the City for approval to move forward to the Design Development Phase.

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