Ordinance and Enforcements

Original Metro Alarm Ordinance #4640/208 amended #5374/395:

Burglar alarm system operators in Memphis/unincorporated Shelby County must register by obtaining a valid alarm permit from the Metro Alarm Office. The Registration Fee is $30.00.

Alarm system permits must be renewed annually by midnight June 1st, of each year. Alarm notices by law shall be mailed 30 days prior informing alarm users of the responsibility and time to renew. There is a $5.00 Annual Renewal Fee.

False alarms schedule of allowances in a twelve month period are:

1st False Alarm Citation/Warning No Penalty

2nd False Alarm Citation/Warning No Penalty

3rd False Alarm Citation/Warning No Penalty

4th False Alarm Citation/Warning Alarm Class

5th False Alarm Citation/Warning $25.00 Fee

6th False Alarm Citation/Warning $25.00 Fee

7th False Alarm Citation/Warning $25.00 Fee

8th False Alarm Citation/Warning $25.00/No Resp.

All security alarm companies must be registered with the Tennessee Alarm Contractor's Board through the State Department of Commerce and Insurance in Nashville, Tennessee, to provide burglar alarm system installation and monitoring services in Memphis/Shelby County. Companies are responsible for updating and submitting service installation information, completed in prior month(s), the 5th of each month, to the Metro Alarm Office.

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