Mission Statement:  To provide the highest level of commitment and professionalism to the Memphis-Shelby County International Airport Authority in its delivery of fire suppression, rescue, hazardous material mitigation, terrorism response, and emergency medical assistance.

The Memphis Municipal Airport, established in 1929 and consisting of three hangars and a sod field runway, is now known as the Memphis-Shelby County International Airport Authority, and it represents the world's largest air cargo hub. In 1962, the Memphis Fire Services Division formally announced its support to the airport with the construction of Fire Station 33, and the division continues to provide those support services. The Memphis Fire Services Division serves dual roles for structural fire fighting and aircraft rescue fire fighting, and in 2008 Fire Station #9 opened a second station at 2785 Rudder Rd.

In 2006, Memphis Fire Services restructured the Air Rescue Division and placed it under Special Operations. Becoming a part of this group required specialized training that included Hazardous Materials Technician, Rope Rescue Operations, and Confined Space Rescue Technician. This advanced technical training also included NFPA 1003 compliant ARFF apparatus qualifications, Tennessee Airport Fire Fighter Certification, and the airport's Fuel Inspection Program certification. These accomplishments assure that the Memphis-Shelby County International Airport Authority will be propelled through the 21st century as an excellent aviation center.
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