Michael Putt

Deputy Chief of Special Operations

Michael Putt became a Memphis firefighter on April 2, 1984. As a private, he worked on Truck 5. In June of 1985, Putt was promoted to Driver. While a driver, Michael served on Truck 3, Truck 5, and Squad 6. In 1996, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Truck 2.

In 2001, Michael was promoted to Battalion Chief. While a Battalion Chief he served in Battalions 5 and 7. In 2005, Michael was appointed to Deputy Chief of Special Operations and assigned responsibilities over the Airport, Communications, Fire Training, Special Operations, and Tennessee Task Force One.

Chief Putt holds a master's degree in Public Administration and a bachelor's degree in Fire Administration from the University of Memphis as well as associate degrees in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Technology from The State Technical Institute at Memphis. Chief Putt holds a diverse set of State of Tennessee fire service certifications that include firefighter II, fire officer II, fire instructor, fire inspector and hazardous material technician.

Outside the department, Chief Putt serves as an instructor at the University of Memphis and a task force leader with Tennessee Task Force One.

Throughout his career, Chief Putt has served on projects related to promotional testing, budget and finance, public fire education, training, and public sector performance measurement. Chief Putt has been recognized as firefighter of the year by the Memphis Claims Association and fireman of the year by the Insurance Women of Memphis. Inc., and the Memphis City Council. He has also received the Faculty Council Award and Academic Honors Award from the University of Memphis.

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