Eligibility Requirements and Rules
Suggestions are eligible if they meet the following criteria:
  • Propose practical improvements to some part of city government.
  • Are submitted in a timely manner.
  • States specifically what the improvement is and how it can be made.
  • Are submitted by:
    • an individual employee; or
    • a group of employees submitting the suggestion together and using the same form.
      • (The names of all employees submitting the suggestion should be attached to the form.)
Suggestions are not eligible if they:
  • are within the employee's authority or responsibility to implement;
  • concern matters already under consideration;
  • concern personal grievances or complaints; or
  • concern policies or procedures that are not being followed or that are not being applied properly

ESP Information
  • Suggestions remain valid for one year from their submission.
  • Cash awards normally are paid when the suggestion has been implemented and put into effect and operation. Awards are subject to federal, state, and local taxes that will be withheld according to applicable regulations.
  • Decisions made by the Employee Suggestion Program are final. However, if new or additional information is presented, a decision will be reviewed. (IAW ESP Policy No. 2-3(j), the ESP Committee has the power to overrule and accept the introduction of new or additional information.)
  • The ESP has the exclusive right to set award policy and structure. The ESP Committee retains the right to terminate or change the Employee Suggestion Program at any time.
  • The use of employee suggestions by the City shall not be the basis of further claims of any kind by the suggester, or the suggesters' heirs or assigns.
  • Other requirements and rules are contained in the Employee Suggestion Program Procedures Manual, which is available from your Division ESP Coordinator and as an attachment to the City of Memphis Personnel Policy PM-58-01.
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