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Mission: To provide and administer responsive and cost effective benefit programs that meet the needs of City of Memphis employees, retirees and their dependents.

The City of Memphis is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package to all full-time regular employees. The information presented on this website is to provide a highlight of the benefits starting in 2016, and does not necessarily include all of the plan details. If there are any discrepancies between the information on this site and the official plan documents, the plan documents will always govern. The City of Memphis reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the benefit plans at any time.

NOTE TO RETIREES: Retirees are eligible for some, but not all of the benefits and wellness opportunities listed below. Please refer to the Retiree Open Enrollment and Benefits Guide for a listing of your available options.


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Health Plans
The City currently offers two health plans: the City of Memphis Basic Plan and the City of Memphis Premier Plan. Effective 1/1/2014 a third plan option is available to all eligible employees, the City of Memphis Value Plan. All plans, administered by Cigna Healthcare, offer benefits including 100% preventive/wellness care and a prescription drug plan, administered by Cigna.

The Basic and Premier Plans offer benefits for medical care received both In-Network and Out-of Network. However, the plan will pay more if you use providers that are within the network. In-network providers are those doctors and hospitals that have contractual agreements with our third party administrator, Cigna to provide services at a discount. If you choose not to see an in-network provider, you can see any doctor but you will pay more out of your pocket.
Unlike the Basic and Premier Plans, The Value Plan offers benefits only if you seek care from providers within the network.

All three plans offered by the City provide 100% coverage for annual preventive/wellness visits as long as you visit providers that are in-network. You will not have to pay your deductible and neither your copayment for these in-network services. There is no out-of-network coverage for preventive/wellness care.

To review a summary chart of the benefits offered, click here. For complete details including eligibility requirements for the health plans offered, please refer to the summary plan description.

Cigna has a broad network of providers and hospitals nationwide that gives you access to care almost anywhere you travel within the USA. Visit their website at www.cigna.com or call 1-800-Cigna24 (1-800-244-6224) for help with finding a provider or hospital.

For non-life threatening emergencies, you can contact Cigna's 24 hour Nurseline for assistance by calling 1-800-Cigna24 (1-800-244-6224). Nurses are available to answer your medical questions and can help guide you to the right provider and/or facility for care.

Lastly, if you are enrolling in either of the medical plans, in addition to your premiums you may be subject to a spouse and/or tobacco surcharge. Refer to the summary plan description for details.

Preferred LocalPlus

Retiree Health Insurance

The City of Memphis has contracted with OneExchange to provide a private health insurance exchange to assist eligible retirees and their families in securing health insurance coverage. Retirees purchasing coverage through OneExchange enroll in individual plans with the City contributing to the coverage through a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA). The amount of the HRA is determined by the retiree and dependent’s age and Medicare status.

Retiree Type Retiree HRA Amount   Spouse/Dependent Type Spouse/Dependent HRA Amount
Service or Ordinary Disability Retiree w/ Medicare A&B $1,000   Spouse w/ Medicare A&B $500
Pre-65 Service or Ordinary Disability Retiree $5,000   Pre-65 Spouse/Dependents $5,000
Line of Duty Retiree w/ Medicare A&B $2,000   Line of Duty Spouse w/ Medicare A&B $1,000
Pre-65 Line of Duty Retiree $10,000           Pre-65 Line of Duty Spouse/Dependents $10,000

Non-Medicare eligible Line of Duty retirees, spouses and widows are able to choose between staying on the City’s retiree group health insurance or securing coverage through OneExchange.

HRA amounts shown above are annual funding amounts and may be pro-rated for new retirees.

HRA Summary Plan
Pre-65 Retirees
Non-Medicare Retirees

Pharmacy Plan
The pharmacy plan is included in the health plan cost. Cigna administers the pharmacy benefit for all City of Memphis Health Plans. Within the pharmacy benefits, you have the option of purchasing generic, formulary or non-formulary + name drugs. You can make purchases through the mail, at retail, or online at www.mycigna.com.   Click here for plan details.

Dental Plans

City of Memphis will continue to offer two dental plan options for you and your family through Cigna. The chart below is an overview of the dental plans offered. Please visit www.cigna.com for a listing of network dental providers, the "Patient Charge schedule (PCS) and complete plan details.

Dental Individual In-Network Deductible Family In-Network Deductible Annual Maximum
Premier Plan $50.00 $150.00 $1,5000.00
Basic Restoration
Major Restorative
100% No Deductible
80% After Deductible
50% After Deductible
50% After Deductible ($1,000 covered
for Children and Adults)
Basic Plan None None None
Basic Restoration
Major Restorative
*Refer to PCS
*Refer to PCS
*Refer to PCS

Vision Plans
You can choose between two vision plans offered by. The difference in the two plans is that one includes coverage for a comprehensive vision exam while the other plan covers materials (eyeglasses and contact lenses) only. For a listing of network providers, visit Cigna HealthCare at www.mycigna.com. To view the comparison chart, click here or for complete details of the vision plan go to the Vision Certificate of Coverage (COC):


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
The City offers Healthcare and Dependent Care FSAs that are administered by Cigna Healthcare. Enrollment in the City's medical plan is not required in order to contribute to an FSA. You can elect to contribute $200-$2550 to the Healthcare FSA and $200-$5000 to the Dependent Care FSA.  See the chart below and refer to Flexible Spending Accounts for additional details of each plan.

Healthcare FSA
Dependent Care FSA
You can contribute…
$200 - $2,550 annually
$200 - $5,000 annually
To reimburse yourself…
NOTE: After enrollment, the employee
will receive a debit card that can be used like cash at any vendor that accepts health care debit cards. The card can be used for expenses incurred by the employee, spouse or dependents.                      OR
File a claim for reimbursement

Example of eligible expenses (refer to www.irs.gov, pub 502  for a detailed list):

o    Medical expenses including deductibles, coinsurance, copayments

o    Prescription deductibles, copayments

o    Dental expenses

o    Over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and supplements if prescription written

o    Over-the counter health related supplies

Example of eligible expenses (refer to  www.irs.gov, pub 503 for a detailed list):

o    Day care and associated expenses for your children under age 13

o    Dependent care fees for a disabled spouse, child or a tax-dependent parent or elderly person

Plan Year
January - December 2016
January – December 2016
Grace Period
Until March 15, 2017
Until March 15, 2017
Claim Filing Deadline
March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017

Life Insurance Plans
The City of Memphis offers a $10,000 death benefit to all regular full-time employees at no cost to you. You can also choose additional coverage amounts through our contributory life and or voluntary life plans offered by Lincoln Financial. Please refer to Lincoln Financial documents for details of coverage amounts available and the cost for:

Contributory Life
Voluntary Life

Disability Plans
To provide income protection should you experience an extended illness, the City of Memphis offers both Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD) plans.

You can elect STD coverage at the time of employment or a later date. You do not have to enroll during open enrollment or wait for a qualifying life event. However, if you enroll after your initial employment eligibility period, you must complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form and coverage is not effective until approved by Standard’s underwriters. The cost is $.20 per $10 of coverage up to a maximum  weekly benefit of $300.

LTD coverage is automatically available after you have completed your initial probationary period with the City of Memphis. There is no cost to you for LTD. Should you become disabled and go out on LTD, the plan will pay 60% of your monthly base salary up to a maximum of $5,000.

Voluntary Insurance Plans
The voluntary benefits offered by Aflac and Colonial Life are not City of Memphis sponsored plans meaning they are available to you on an individual basis. You can contact either vendor directly at any time if you are interested in enrolling in any of the plans offered. Both Aflac and Colonial Life offer individual policies for Short-Term Disability, Hospital, Critical Illness, Cancer, Life Insurance and Accident. You can elect to have your premiums payroll deducted should you enroll in a voluntary plan. You can contact Aflac at 901-761-8002, 901-292-1568 or 901-866-2190 or you may visit their website at www.aflac.com. Colonial Life can be reached at 901-507-8880 or you can visit their website at www.coloniallife.com
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP services are available through Concern to help you manage quality of life issues you may experience. If you need help coping with marital and family relationships; alcohol or drug use; emotional concerns; grief; financial problems, etc., Concern is here to assist. This service is paid by the City and is available to you as a regular full-time employee, your dependents or household members even if you are not covered by a City of Memphis medical plan option. Short-term professional assistance is available by calling CONCERN 24/7 at 901-458-4000 or 1-800-445-5011.       
Paid Leave Time
The City provides paid leave time for Vacations, Holidays and Sick leave. You can also earn Quarterly Bonus Days. To see details of each, click the following:

City of Memphis 2016 Pension Board

Mayor Jim Strickland – Chairman
Executive Mayor’s Office
125 N Main
Alexandria Smith – Ex-Officio Member
Chief HR Officer
125 Main St., Rm. 401
Shirley Ford
125 Main St., Rm. 348
Ted Davis
VP, Regions Bank
Rowena Adams
Deputy Chief
Nancy Albonetti
116 Mary Ann Drive., 38117
Battalion Fire Chief
65 South Front Street
Lisa Geater
Chief of Staff
Mayors Office 125 N. Main St.
Paula Polite
125 N. Main St., Rm. 568
901 - 636 -6746
Robert M. Knecht
Director Public Works
125 N. Main St., Rm. 608
Barbaralette Davis
Pension Board Attorney
125 N. Main Street
Josh Didawick
Secretary/Retirement & Disability Programs Manager
2714 Union Ave. Ext., 5th Floor, Suite 100

Pension Board Liaisons

Councilman Martavius Jones

Additional Contacts

Sam Johnson
Investment Mgr.
Michael Burose
Retirement Plans Coordinator
Kathryn Ray
Genex Services
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