Complaint Procedures
The EEO/Labor Relations Office evaluates and investigates complaints filed by applicants and employees who believe they are experiencing discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in City employment.

How to File a Discrimination Complaint

Complaint Process
  • Basis: Discrimination complaints submitted for investigation must be based on an alleged violation of civil rights because of: Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Equal Pay, Age, Disability, Political Affiliation, Genetic Information, Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy, or Retaliation.

    Retaliation against any employee or applicant for having made a good faith complaint or report of discrimination, or for participating or aiding in an investigation of employment discrimination is also prohibited. Every effort will be made to protect the safety and anonymity of anyone who comes forward with concerns about a threat or act of violence.
  • Issues: Actions complained of may include the following: Failure to Hire, Discipline, Training, Failure to Promote, Denied Benefits, Pay, Lay-Off, Discharge, Suspended, Intimidation, Transferred, Denied Leave, or a Hostile Work Environment. Other issues, such as a disagreement regarding Department rules or regulations affecting working conditions, may be subject to review through the Employee Grievance procedure.
  • Filing: Submit a letter or other documentation that describes your complaint of discrimination. You may wish to contact the EEO/Labor Relations Office to assist you in submitting a complaint. The number for the EEO/Labor Relations Office is 901-636-6874.

Filing Deadline
  • Letters of complaint must be filed within three hundred (300) calendar days of the date the discriminatory action or the alleged harassment took place, or the date the employee/applicant should have first become aware of the violation. A complaint is considered filed on the date it is received by the EEO/Labor Relations Office. Therefore, time is an important factor when filing a complaint.

Civil Service Appeals
  • Every employee of the City of Memphis Government has a right to request an appeal before the Civil Service Commission; however, the Civil Service Commission is limited by the provisions as set forth in the City of Memphis Charter, Article 34. CLICK HERE for information on filing a civil service appeal. (PM 38-04)

Union Grievance Procedures
  • A represented employee is considered to have elected the grievance procedure, if a grievance proceeds beyond the level of the employee’s immediate and/or designated supervisor. CLICK HERE for information on 2011-2013 Memoranda of Understanding.

  • Once a complaint is received, an EEO/Labor Relations representative will then contact the person filing the complaint, either by mail or phone, to schedule an intake interview. Intake interviews afford the EEO/Labor Relations representative an opportunity to clarify the issues involved and also allow the person filing the complaint an opportunity to present the complaint in more detail. The investigation may include reviewing and obtaining copies of relevant documents such as personnel files, attendance reports and performance evaluations; interviewing co-workers and supervisors; and other actions considered necessary in order to obtain relevant information.
  • It is important to remember that the individual who brings the complaint is responsible for substantiating the charges. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the EEO/Labor Relations representative by providing any written material, names of individuals to interview or any other information that would assist the investigation. Note: During the intake interview, the entire complaint process will be explained in more detail by the assigned EEO/Labor Relations representative. Any questions regarding the process can be asked during the intake interview.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Complainants may be asked to consider resolving their complaint through an alternative dispute resolution process facilitated by trained staff.
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