Human Resources
 The Human Resources Division encompasses all services that address the needs of City of Memphis Employees and Retirees, as well as aspiring employees. The Division manages the City's policies and procedures, healthcare and pension plans, employee assistance program, recruitment and selection, talent development/performance management/succession planning, compensation, employee and labor relations, employee engagement and workplace safety.

Alexandria Smith
Chief HR Officer

HR Departments, Boards & Commissions
HR Administration  (901) 636-6571 
Compensation/Records Administration  (901) 636-6569 
Health, Wellness & Benefits  (901) 636-6800 
Labor Relations/EEO  (901) 636-6874 
Office of Talent Development  (901) 636-6809
Recruitment & Selection  (901) 636-6509 
Workplace Safety & Compliance  (901) 636-6565 
Civil Service Commission  (901) 636-6437 
Pension/Retirement  (901) 636-1372 
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