Athletics Adults
Our Mission: To Provide A Safe And Wholesome Environment With A Variety of Programs/Services That Meet The Needs Of The Community.

General Information

  • Coed Volleyball - Offered in some of the community centers. Contact your local community center for information. Fall Registration takes place in August.
  • Softball - Two seasons - Spring Leagues start in April and are completed by the end of August. (Registration takes place in March.) Entry fee is $500.00. Fall Leagues start after Labor Day and continue through October. (Registration takes place in August.) Entry fee is $350.00.  Teams register on a first come-first serve basis in selection of league night and field.  Contact Athletic Office - 767-4580, for information.
  • Soccer - Spring and Fall Seasons are offered through independent soccer associations. Contact Athletic Office 767-4580, for information.
  • Basketball – Fall Leagues start 2nd week in November and end the last week in February. Entry fee is $400.00.  Summer Leagues start Mid May and run through first week in August.

Adult Softball Fields:
  • Kennedy Complexes (Fields 1-9)
    4577 Raleigh-LaGrange
  • Tobey Complex (Fields 2,3,4)
    2599 Avery
  • Willow Complex (Fields 2,3,4)
    4971 Willow

    For field playability, call (901) 323-0023 after 3 p.m.,

    FIELD RENTAL INFORMATION(attach permit reservation procedure)

Contact Us:
  • Athletic Office and East and Northeast Area
    4845 Willow Road
    (901) 767-4580  Fax: 901-767-5099

    Jackie Trenthem, Manager


  • North and West Area
    2893 N. Watkins
    (901) 353-9532

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