Economic Crimes Bureau
Our Mission

The mission of the Economic Crimes Bureau is investigation and prosecution (in an efficient and professional manner) of individuals and groups engaged and participating in criminal conduct involving forgery, check fraud, theft and use of access devices (checks, credit and debit cards), counterfeiting access devices (checks, credit and debit cards, skimming and re-encoding), counterfeit audio cassette tapes, video tapes, CDs and DVDs, counterfeit clothing and trademarks, embezzlement, impersonation, elder financial crimes, identity theft, computer and internet crimes, insurance and estate frauds.

Learn more about the Economics Crime Bureau and get tips to protect yourself on the following pages:

Identity Theft

Credit Card Fraud

Internet Fraud

Worthless Checks

Fraud Tips

Frequently Asked Questions


The Economic Crimes Bureau also provides speakers to make presentations relating to fraud issues for business and civic groups.

If you have any questions regarding please contact the Economic Crimes Bureau at (901) 545.5350 or email Major Michael Smith at

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