District 1 - East
Mt. Moriah Station Precinct
2602 Mt. Moriah
Phone 901-636-4199
Fax 901-795-6570

Wards: Six
Number of Officers: 163

Boundaries: The western boundary follows Airways, I 240, and Getwell, from Getwell to Park, Park becomes our northern boundary. Park to the City/Germantown line becomes our eastern boundary. That same line turns into the City/County line in Hickory Hill to become our southern boundary.

The Mt. Moriah Station, which covers an area of approximately 42.71 square miles and serves an estimated 97,485 people is divided into 6 patrol areas.

COACTS: The Mt. Moriah Station has 1 COACT substation.


Parkway Village Co-Act substation is located at 4955 Cottonwood in the McFarland Community Center, their telephone number is 362-1990.

A precinct bicycle unit was also established which will allow officers greater mobility and visibility within the shopping malls and our neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watch: Please contact Dot Rongey at 901-795-5663 ext. 3303 for Neighborhood Watch information.

If you have a question or concern that can be handled at the precinct level please contact us please contact us as 901-795-3131.
*Remember - MPD emails are not for emergency contacts as they are not monitored 24 hours a day.
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