1925 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104


Calls: 17,579
Details: 4,976
Crashes: 25,767
Total Citations: 48,274
Physical Arrests: 136

Traffic is divided into four sections: Motorcycle Squad (Motors), Special Traffic Investigation Squad (STIS), Special Traffic Enforcement Unit (STEU) and Police Service Technicians (PSTs).


The Special Traffic Investigations Squad (STIS) is responsible for investigating crashes involving fatalities or serious critical injuries. STIS is also responsible for investigating crashes involving citizens over the age of 85.


The DUI Unit, formerly Metro DUI, responds to calls in the city and all MPD DUI officers are specially trained in the testing of drivers suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. During 2008, the DUI Unit made 2,081 arrests while processing 2,182 individuals. Six traffic deaths were attributed to drinking in 2008.


The primary function of Motors is the enforcement of traffic laws, the investigation of crashes and the participation in special events. Motors, as well as, other members of the Traffic Division, are periodically assigned as traffic control for major motion pictures filmed in Memphis which have included the films "21 Grams", Hustle and Flow", "Black Snake Moan" and "My Blueberry Nights". 

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