Public Works
The Public Works Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's infrastructure which includes streets, sanitary sewers, storm drains, bridges and flood control. In addition, the Division is responsible for the collection and disposal of the City's Solid Waste and the transport and treatment of both domestic and industrial wastewater for the metropolitan area.

Public Works provides the above mentioned services by employing a staff of approximately 1300 employees distributed among three primary departments and several satellite offices. The Public Works annual operating budget is in excess of $60 million and its Capital Improvement Budget averages approximately $80 million annually.

Services Provided by Public Works

Flooding Drain Maintenance (901) 357-0100
Damaged Storm Water Inlet or Channel Drain Maintenance (901) 357-0100
Overflowing Manhole Environmental (901) 529-8025
Sewer Backup Environmental (901) 529-8025
Sewer Billing Environmental Engineering (901) 636-6757
Household/commercial solid waste collection (901) 636-6851 or 636-6500
City Issued Garbage Carts and Recycling Containers (901) 636-6851 or 636-6500
Curbside and Public Drop-off Recycling (901) 636-6851 or 636-6500
Street Paving Street Maintenance (901) 636-7127
Pothole Repair Street Maintenance (901) 636-6500 (or dial 3-1-1)
Street Light Outage - MLGW (901) 320-1497
Dumping in street - Storm Drain Environmental (901) 636-4349

Maintenance is responsible for repair and maintenance, including asphalt overlay and pothole repairs on more than 3,400 miles of roadway within the City; routine maintenance and emergency repair service to existing drainage systems within the City's right-of-way to minimize flooding and property damage; street lighting to increase the visibility and safety of roadway users during nighttime hours; and heavy equipment services to support City maintenance and emergency activities.

For additional information or assistance, Maintenance can be reached at the following numbers:

Street Maintenance (901) 636-7127
Drain Maintenance & Heavy Equipment (901) 357-0100
Street Lighting (901) 636-7113

Environmental Engineering 
Environmental Engineering is responsible for the operation and maintenance of two large wastewater treatment facilities that treat over 60 billion gallons of wastewater each year and dispose of more than 215 million pounds of bio-solids annually in accordance with stringent State and Federal water quality regulations. They are also responsible for preventive maintenance and emergency repair of more than 2,400 miles of sewers and operation of 97 sewer lift stations and 9 major flood control pumping stations.

For additional information or assistance, Environmental Engineering can be reached at the following numbers:

Maynard C. Stiles Wastewater Treatment Plant (901) 636-4300
T. E. Maxson Wastewater Treatment Plant (901) 789-0510
Environmental Maintenance & Inspection (901) 529-0237
Sewer Lift Station & Flood Control (901) 521-0186
Sewer Billing (901) 636-6757
Storm Water Program (901) 636-4349
Storm Water Fees (901) 636-4349

Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management is responsible for the collection and disposal of all solid waste within the City.   For detailed information about solid waste and recycling services, events and other programs visit our website at  For holiday collection information call our 24hr. Holiday Information Line at 636-6650.

In an ongoing effort to reduce the amount of solid waste being disposed in Memphis area landfills, Solid Waste Management has developed and implemented a variety of recycling programs and initiatives. Programs include curbside recycling, yard waste composting, household appliance recycling and drop-off centers. Additionally, educational activities and public recycling events such as America Recycles Day and Clean Out Files Day have been developed.

If you have any questions, please contact Solid Waste Management at 636-6851.

For more information about Solid Waste Management visit our website at

Solid Waste Management Holiday Information Line
For current holiday collection information, call the City's new HOLIDAY INFORMATION LINE at 636-6650. Available 24 hours a day, this prerecorded message offers current holiday collection information and references other solid waste information sources. Also, for a complete list of 2012 holidays and collection schedules, go to

Code Enforcement
The purpose of the Department of Code Enforcement is to protect the public health, safety and welfare in existing buildings used for dwelling purposes. The department administrates and enforces sections of the City of Memphis Code of Ordinances.
To report an abandoned building submit your report to the Online Support Center
To report an abandoned vehicle submit your report to the Online Support Center
To report an junk being stored on private property submit your report to the Online Support Center

Please submit your complaint about violations of code enforcement to the Online Support Center.
Learn More About Code Enforcement
Filing A Complaint

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