Sec. 48-89
Sec. 48-89 - Excessive weeds and grass, trees and shrubs

(a) All exterior property areas shall be kept free of excessive weeds and grass

(b) Small tracts of land, whether improved or unimproved, within the city, shall be kept cut clipped or controlled through chemical means as frequently as necessary to insure that weeds, rank grass and noxious growths do not exceed a height of twelve (12) inches

"Small tracts" are defined as building lawns, sidewalk neutral strips, walkways, gardens, decorative landscape areas, and unimproved lots of two (2) acres or less

(c) Grass walkways abutting the city streets shall be kept mowed to a height not exceeding six (6) inches

(d) Large tracts shall be cut, clipped or controlled through chemical means at least twice each season, with cuttings or at least three (3) months apart during the growing season. Cuttings or clippings shall be to a height not exceeding twelve (12) inches

(e) Large tracts are defined as unimproved property of a size of two (2) acres in area or larger, except that if large tract are adjacent to improved residential property, they shall be kept clipped to the same standards as small tracts within one hundred thirty (130) feet of such improved residential property

(f) Any tract maintained in a natural state or as a wilderness area may be exempt from cutting except for the requirements of the provisions hereinabove

(g) All trees and shrubs shall be maintained so as not to imperil public health or safety, or cause damage to any structure, premises, or utility services
(Ord. No. 4232, 1-4-94)
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