ARRA Repaving Group 3

Federal Project No. ARRA-STP-M-9409(147)
State PIN# 112665.00
City Project # PW01205

The City of Memphis, through a Federal Surface Transportation Program Grant totaling $1,862,000, proposes to perform preventative maintenance and asphalt overlay on several roadway segments. This project is 100% Federally funded. The proposed segments totaling approximately 4.6 miles in length are:

  1. Mill Branch: Riverbrook to Raines
  2. Mill Branch: Raines to Winchester
  3. Mill Branch: Winchester to I-40
  4. Ball: Norris to Ketchum


The proposed roadway segments may have signs of excessive wear such as potholes and pavement surface cracking and spalling. Vehicle use, weathering, aging and in some cases utility cuts/repairs in the pavement are contributing factors to the deterioration. A new pavement surface with the absence of pavement deformations will prolong the life of the roadway, reduce potential vehicular damage and provide safer routes for motorists.

Base and subgrade repairs will be made as necessary prior to resurfacing and any pavement markings will be replaced. Improvements to facilities for pedestrians and bicyclist will be included. Special emphasis will be placed on bike facilities identified in the Memphis MPO (metropolitan planning organization) Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Bicycle Facilities Funded Plan.

(MPO) Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

STP Resurfacing Group 3 MapBicycle facility improvements may include establishment of bike lanes, restriping to maximize the width of outside lanes, designation of shared laneage and/or placement of bike route signage.

Low cost safety improvements such as improved traveled way delineation, removal of roadside obstacles, improved signage, upgrading of guardrail terminals, installation / upgrading of ADA ramps, etc. will be evaluated and included if feasible.

The City is committed to making as many of the improvements as possible under State and Federal guidelines for the grant to the extent that the funding allows.

Copyright 2017 City of Memphis
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