ARRA Sam Cooper over RR Approach and Joint Repair

Federal Project No. ARRA-STP-M-4032(7)
State PIN# 112835.00
City Project # PW02029

The City of Memphis, through a Federal Surface Transportation Program Grant totaling $216,500, proposes to perform preventative maintenance of the settled bridge approach and damaged approach joint at Sam Cooper over IC and Union Pacific RR, see attached location map. This project is 100% Federally funded.

ARRA Sam Cooper over RR Approach and Joint RepairThe settled approach slab and damaged expansion joint allows water to pond on the roadway which eventually seeps through the expansion joint and other locations washing out existing subgrade which in turn causes more settlement. Repairs will include injection of material below the slab to raise the approach slab to its original position and joint repairs. This work will allow for the proper drainage at the site. Continued settlement will degrade "rideability" of the bridge. The project also includes repairs to the curb and sidewalk which has become damaged by the settlement.

Copyright 2017 City of Memphis
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