CMAQ Year 1 Signal Coordination

State PIN# 040714
City Project # EN90003

The City of Memphis, through a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant totaling $944,175 proposes to interconnect and coordinate traffic signals along Lamar Ave. This project is 100% federally funded. The proposed segments are:

  • Lamar Avenue: Cleveland to Semmes

The purpose of the "CMAQ Signal Coordination - Year 1" project is to reduce delays for major street vehicular traffic, improve intersection operation efficiency, and improve air quality. The project will interconnect a total of 13 existing traffic signals on Lamar Avenue from Cleveland Street to Semmes Street. Coordinated traffic signal timings will be implemented as part of the project to increase green band and reduce number of stops on major streets. The proposed signal system will also allow the City to monitor, diagnose, and maintain local traffic controller operations from the City Hall and the Traffic Signal Maintenance Department. Air quality improvements are expected due to reduced delays in peak hour.

Project Description

CMAQ Year 1 Signal Coordination MapThe City of Memphis is proposing improvements to traffic control signals along Lamar Avenue funded through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program. The project consists of interconnecting a total of 13 existing traffic signals in the City of Memphis. Typical improvements include installing fiber optic communication cables, interconnecting existing signal controllers, installing non-intrusive system detectors, replacing signal control equipment and cabinets, and retiming of existing signals

The City of Memphis is committed to making as many of the improvements as possible under State and Federal guidelines for the grant to the extent that the funding allows

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