Winchester and Perkins Intersection Improvements

Announcing Public Meeting re: Proposed STP-Roadway Improvement Project for Winchester/Perkins Interchange on December 8, 2009 @ 6:00 p.m. (Download Full PDF)

Federal Project # 79-LPD1-F1-012
State PIN # 107290.00
City Project # PW01025

The City of Memphis, through a Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) Grant totaling $12,863,812, proposes to improve the interchange at Winchester Road and Perkins Road. This project is 80% federally funded and 20% locally funded. The proposed project area includes:

  1. Winchester Road: Knight Road to Outland Road
  2. Perkins Road: Cromwell Avenue to Chuck Avenue
  3. Wooddale Avenue: Renault Street to Jenkins Street


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The intersection of Winchester Road and Perkins Road is currently a "diamond" type interchange constructed in the early 1960's. The existing concrete overpass carries four lanes of Perkins Road over four lanes of Winchester Road. The overpass forms a bottleneck since Winchester Road is six lanes wide on either side of the overpass. Traffic congestion is measured by Level of Service (LOS). LOS is graded in a range from A (very little congestion) to F (failing). Winchester Road operates at a Level of Service (LOS) of "F". The Winchester Road interchange, in large part because of the existing interchange configuration, has a higher than expected crash rate. While the most of the collisions are considered "fender benders" and have generally resulted in property damage rather than serious injuries, safety is a key reason for improving the intersection.

The proposed project would replace the existing interchange with a "Single Point Urban Interchange" (SPUI). A local example of a SPUI is at South Germantown Parkway and Walnut Grove, near Shelby Farms. One sophisticated traffic signal system will replace the two existing sets of signals to assist in the efficient movement of traffic. To minimize impact to adjacent properties and buildings, approximately 2,000 feet of reinforced concrete retaining walls will be utilized. Extensive use of retaining walls is necessary to build the ramps to modern standards and replace the overpass with a 442 feet long, three-span steel plate girder bridge within as small an area as possible.

As part of the project, the intersection of Perkins Road and Wooddale Avenue will be closed. Coves will be created along Wooddale Avenue where it formerly intersected Perkins. The project utilizes ground level sidewalks to allow for pedestrian traffic.

Existing Winchester/Perkins Interchange
Existing Winchester/Perkins Interchange

Germantown Parkway / Walnut Grove Interchange Is Similar To Proposed Winchester/Perkins Plan
The Germantown Parkway/Walnut Grove Interchange is similar
to the new interchange proposed at Winchester/Perkins.

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