Neighborhood Programs
Adult Athletics 
Provides opportunities for adults to participate in quality organized recreational league team sports competition at safe, well-maintained facilities.

Aquatics Program
Provides comprehensive aquatic program opportunities to the citizens of Memphis.

Community Policing
The Memphis Police Department has embraced the concept of Community Policing within the last ten years and we are proud of the many diverse and successful programs that have grown and expanded throughout Memphis.

We currently have 16 community policing substations throughout the City with more in the planning stages. We call our substations COACT, which stands for "COmmunity ACTion." 

Neighborhood Relations: Neighborhood Relations is a unit of the Office of Youth Services and Community Affairs. Its role is to work with and encourage citizens to become active participants in determining the destiny of their neighborhoods and communities. The Neighborhood Relations unit works with citizens to organize emerging, and build upon established, neighborhood, community and civic organizations.

Police Precincts
The largest branch within the Memphis Police Department is Uniform Patrol, which is divided into two districts.

District One, under the command of Deputy Chief Al Gray, is made up of the West, Central, Northeast, and Downtown Precincts.

District Two, which consists of the North, South, Southeast, and East Precincts, is under the command of Deputy Chief Mike Dodd.

Recreation Guide
For a free copy of the Recreation Services Guide, call (901) 454 -5200. It includes information on athletic, social, educational, and recreational opportunities.

School Programs
These programs provide supervision before and after school hours during the school year to students attending the schools listed. Study time and snacks are included. Parents or guardians must pick up their children no later than 6:00pm. For enrollment and cost information, call a Zone Office.

Summer Day Camp
Our Summer Day Camp provides safe, affordable neighborhood day camp programs for elementary school children.

Vollintine/Evergreen Community Association
One of the City's most active neighborhood organizations, the Vollintine/Evergreen Community Association was founded in 1971.

Youth Athletics
Provide opportunities for school age children to participate in quality, organized, recreational league team sports while gaining exposure to good sportsmanship and benefits derived from a team effort.
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