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Interested in working with the MPD?

Apply For Police Dispatcher Position (Click Here)
A career in law enforcement can be an exciting, rewarding experience for those who can meet the challenge. If you feel you possess the minimum requirements and have the maximum desire to serve your community then a career in law enforcement may be the right career for you.

If you wish to receive written notification informing you when the next Police Recruit, Police Service Technician or Police Radio Dispatcher positions will be posted, click below.

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Learn MPD Entry Level Police Officer Selection Process 

Learn About Police Recruit Physical Ability Test

Want to work for the Memphis Fire Department?

Paramedic Job Information

We are not currently hiring for the positions of: Fire Recruit, Firefighter Paramedic-Probationary or Fire Alarm Operator. If you wish to receive written notification inform you when the positions will be posted, click below.
Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) 


Interested in a City Clerical Position?

Apply For Clerical Positions

No current positions listed.

Need to change your address / phone number?

Change Your Address or Phone Number

Applicants who wish to update their information, please complete the following form and return to City of Memphis Employment Office Room 1B-33 125 N. Main Street Memphis, TN 38103 or via fax at (901) 576-6450.

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