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City of Memphis Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) Services

Who we are and what we do: The City of Memphis Enterprise GIS (EGIS) is a center within the Division of Information Services. The City’s EGIS architecture is a service-oriented (SOA) framework built on the ESRI ArcGIS Server platform that defines and provisions the GIS infrastructure and sets the policies to allow multiple application platforms to integrate business processes, exchange disparate data and present a variety of access methods relative to types of end-users across all city departments. This strategy is also applicable to the region-wide geospatial efforts. The City’s EGIS concept extends both horizontally to local government agencies and other partners in the region and vertically to state and federal agencies. The EGIS oversees and manages all data capture, storage and dissemination, provides technical project management for all division-wide GIS related projects and provides application development/mapping services to the various City Divisions. The EGIS provides technical and end-user support to over 150 desktop users and manages all GIS software coordination and distribution of the ESRI enterprise license agreement. Our portfolio includes 9 Geodatabases hosting over 160 GIS data layers and 11 web-based GIS applications.

Mission: The mission of the EGIS is to reduce redundancy of efforts, increase accuracy and timeliness of information, reduce cost of support and improve ease of accessibility to decision impacting information thereby enhancing the ability of the City to efficiently and effectively serve its citizens.

  • Actively maintain and administer the enterprise system ensuring optimal system up-time, maximum security and highest level of data standards
  • Proactively utilize state-of-the-art GIS technologies and methods to provide quality application development and mapping services for the City’s various Divisions
  • Understand stake-holder needs to provide the bridging technologies that enable the cohesive management and analysis of information for all City Divisions
  • Successfully manage all GIS related projects for the Divisions ensuring best practice technology, cost effective implementation and efficient project delivery

Della Adams
GIS Program Manager
Copyright 2017 City of Memphis
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