Moving to Memphis
Memphis abounds with deep roots, from the Old Growth Forest in Overton Park to the 4,500 acres in Shelby Farms Park. 

And then there are the deep roots that connect us to each other. Bound together by churches, by schools, by music, by spirit and by soul, we are friends, family, and neighbors.

It’s a city where the cost of living is low, and the quality of life can’t be beat. 

In Memphis, a friend is found behind every corner. It’s easy to get involved, and once you do, it’s easy to make your mark. 

Here are the crossroads, history is made not by worrying about what you don’t have, but by taking care of business with what you do. 

Some cities never sleep, this one never rests.    
Last year, Memphis saw an award-winning Broadway show by the same name take the world by storm; it saw $1 billion in economic development; it saw the President of the United Stated inspired by a group of local high schoolers. And the world saw Memphis’ grit and determination in the Academy Award-winning documentary, “Undefeated.” 

Welcome home.

Copyright 2017 City of Memphis
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