Second Chance Program



We believe our community can effectively and compassionately support ex-offenders' successful reintegration into society. Second Chance will continue to reduce recidivism, promote public safety and expand the tax base by matching the needs of our participants with available services and meaningful employment. Our holistic services: case management, life-coaching, job training and job placement will affect lasting change for the individual and ultimately the community.

This vision can be realized, but it will require a changed mindset, one that goes beyond in¬carceration. This changed mindset includes mobilizing our knowledge and resources to do what we can to assure that offenders are equipped to succeed at life once they return- and less likely to return to crime.

Everyone loses. Ex-offenders who fail generate new victims, reduce public safety and create enormous costs to process and punish their new crimes. They also diminish their own lives and damage the lives of their families and loved ones.

Everyone wins. Ex-offenders who succeed contribute to our community, support them¬selves and their families, and improve their own lives.